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Non-Traditional Weddings

White gown and wedding cake not for you? Thinking of having your wedding in an unusual location or with a startling theme? Can’t quite get your mind around the usual wedding traditions?

I have lots of ideas for a non-traditional wedding, including eco-wedding planning, and I would be delighted to help you plan and implement yours. If you want to push traditional boundaries, I will be enthusiastic about helping you plan the wedding you want.

And sometimes the unusual requires some extra work, so remember to hire extra help early.

Non-Traditional Wedding Resources:
Offbeat Bride
A blog full of stories of offbeat weddings, DIY tips, and other fun things. She's another author trying to sell a book, but that doesn't interfere with the high quality of the blog.
The Broke-Ass Bride
"Bad-Ass Inspiration on a Broke-Ass Budget." Need I say more?
A Practical Wedding
An oasis of sanity in the world of weddings.

Gay and Lesbian Wedding Resources:
Welcome in Decorah
A site designed by a group of friends in Decorah, Iowa, with local gay-friendly resources for weddings.

Green Wedding Resources:
If you're interested in environmentally sound weddings, here are some resources. Please see my eco-friendly celebrations page for even more.

Green Wedding Alliance
Chicago-area wedding vendors who have a sustainable focus. Also, events and other fun stuff.
Great Green Wedding
Information, links, and vendors for the stuff you buy for weddings, keeping it as green as possible.
Ethical Weddings
Information and vendors for "fair trade, green, organic, local, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, recycled" weddings.
Special E
A website with resources for getting rid of unusual items after any kind of event.
Green Hotels Association
Lists of hotels that subscribe to green principles.
Green Restaurant Association
Find a sustainable restaurant for your reception, rehearsal dinner, or other celebration.
The Freecycle Network is good for finding wedding items, furnishing a home, getting rid of things you don't need, and generally avoiding consumerism. Find a group near you through the national website.

Non-Tangible Gift Resources:
Trees For Life
An English website that makes it possible for your guests to have trees planted as a gift to you.
I Do Foundation
A charitable gift registry.
Just Give
A wealth of ideas about non-tangible gifts.
Changing The Present
Similar to the other sites.




“We couldn't have made our day a success without Lisa's help. She was so professional, courteous and understanding. Everything was perfect and it wouldn't have been the same without Lisa.” Jason H., recent satisfied client

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Jewish gay wedding with chuppah
Photo courtesy of Artisan Events, Inc.

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Newlyweds on public transit escalator

Swedish wedding fiddler
Photo by MWD Photography

Gay couple with bouquet
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