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Handmade Lace Wedding Accessories

Something Special for You or a Friend

If you are looking for unique wedding accessories, you might consider my handmade tatted lace wedding garters and other accessories. I have been making tatted lace for nearly three decades and I am pleased to offer wedding accessories made by this special technique. Please visit my Etsy shop if you are interested in seeing some of the beautiful things I have for you.

Custom colors, designs, and sizes are available on almost all of my items. I love custom orders. You can also send me an e-mail to find out about the standard and custom designs I have available.

Special Discount For Wedding Planning Clients: All of my wedding planning and day-of coordinating clients are elgible for a 10% discount on the listed Etsy price of any pre-made piece of lace in my collection. (Offer not valid on custom orders.)

What is Tatting?

Tatting is one of many methods for making lace. It is an unusually time-consuming fiber art, being made of thousands and thousands of tiny knots. It is usually made on very small size thread, which contributes to its fine, lacy quality. Tatting can also be identified by the picots or loops that are used both to decorate it and to connect the parts of a piece to each other.

According to the information I can find, various forms of knotted lace were popular in Europe in the Renaissance and later. Tatting seems to have hit a height of popularity in the late Nineteeth century. For example, in Louisa May Alcott's Little Women (set in the 1860s in the Boston area), there is a reference to someone making tatting. My own grandmother said that when she was a young woman (in the first two or three decades of the last century), tatting was very popular among her friends. There are still dedicated tatters who now find each other on the internet on sites such as Ring of Tatters and In Tatters.


“Your lace is really beautiful.” --Everyone who has looked at it!

Handmade lace yarmulka (kippah)

Contact Lisa for more information on lace wedding accessories.

Detail of lace wedding garter

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