2018 Prices–And a Discount!

January 8th, 2018
Photo by Ryan Timm Photography.

Photo by Ryan Timm Photography.

I’m very pleased to announce my new 2018 pricing for day-of (“month-of”) coordinating services.  For 2018, coordinating services will be priced at $1,350.

My coordinating package includes set-up and coordination on the wedding day for up to eight hours, along with one assistant; pre-wedding vendor confirmation and coordination. up to one hour of wedding rehearsal; timelines, schedules, and layouts for you and for your vendors; one one-hour meeting at the venue; and unlimited phone calls, texts, and emails from contract signing through the wedding day.

That, of course, is just the flat fee for the standard package.  I am always willing to craft a custom package to suit your particular circumstances.  My only caveat is that I don’t give discounts.

Okay, I just lied!!  I do give just one particular discount.  When you get in touch with me, if you mention a friend(/acquaintance/co-worker/neighbor/relative/etc.) of yours who used my services in the past, I will be happy to give you the 2017 coordinating rate in 2018.  Past clients, please take note:  Your friends can get a discount on my services if they mention your name.  Let them know they can get a good deal.  This offer is good until the end of 2018.

Finally, due to to circumstances beyond my control, the prices on the Money page of my website are out of date. I would update them if I could, but it’s not possible right now.  So, please take note of the current prices here.  As always, I’m happy to answer questions if you want to get in touch.