Nature Museum Wedding Photos

September 25th, 2017

This was a terrific recent wedding at the Notebaert Nature Museum.  The ceremony was outdoors in the courtyard, but, unfortunately, the weather was too threatening to have dinner on the terrace.  It was all set up, but the caterer had to bring it indoors, after all.  That’s why you’ll see tables set up both outdoors and in.  Never a dull moment!

rooftop terracerooftop receptionoutdoor reception tablelantern centerpiece by daylighttoasting glasseschuppahketubahstu hirsh orchestraindoor receptionlantern centerpiece

More Wedding Photos!

September 18th, 2017

I have more photos for you!  This is from a wedding at Firehouse Chicago, one of my very favorite wedding venues.  Once again, these are just my snaps, and I’ll hope to have professional photos later in the year.   Flowers were by May Floral.  Cage and Aquarium sent the DJ.  And you’ll see who the caterer was if you scroll down.

the firehousebarrel highboyfarm tablelong centerpiecemr and mrs signoutdoor ceremonybig star taco truckin line for the taco truckreception and food trucktaco receptionflower lantern


Lakefront Wedding Photos!

September 11th, 2017

Did I promise you more photos from recent weddings?  These are just the ones I took myself from one of my recent weddings.  Professional photos will follow when I can get them.

I must confess that I loved this wedding.  It felt so authentic.  Everything the couple did reflected their personalities and their relationship.  It was all beautiful.  It was also completely unique.

The single most unusual thing about the wedding was the amount of hand-crafting that went into it.  Both bride and groom are crafty people.  The bride knits, so she made the gorgeous shawl you will see below.  The groom crochets, so not only did he make the bride’s bouquet out of crocheted flowers; he also crocheted all the flowers for the table decorations.  Take a look for yourself!

lakefront weddingberger park mansionbride and parentsprocessionalreception signsweetheart tablecrochet centerpiececrochet bouquetclose-up bouquetplace cardstruffle towervintage cake topper

Happy Labor Day!

September 4th, 2017
The people who carry stuff from place to place rarely get the credit they deserve.

The people who carry stuff from place to place rarely get the credit they deserve.

I’m always happy to celebrate Labor Day, and all the working people who make possible much of our good lives.  Here are the people I really appreciate when I’m on site at a wedding:  the kitchen staff; the florist’s set-up and tear-down crew; the building engineers who take care of heating and cooling and make sure the lights are working; the security guards; the people who set up and clean portable restrooms; the delivery drivers; anyone who carries heavy stuff from a truck to a room or back out again; the sound engineers; the good people who come in at the end of the night to clean the floors and take out the trash.

Most of the time all of these excellent people are invisible to an event.  They aren’t glamorous.  But they are all indispensable.  Today is a day to celebrate their contributions to your party, wedding, or other event.  Happy Labor Day to all of you!!