Fabulous Upcoming Wedding Show

January 30th, 2012


I have to tell you about a wedding show I am participating in next month:  Committed, An Avant-Garde Wedding Event.  It will be on Sunday, February 26, noon to 4:00 p.m. at the Greenhouse Loft, 2545 W. Diversey.  You can buy tickets in advance.

Committed is sponsored by the Chicago Green Wedding Alliance, Chicago’s premier group of wedding vendors with a sustainable focus.  Not only is this the greenest group of wedding professionals you’re likely to come across, they are also some of the hippest, most creative, most interesting businesses and people in the industry.

There will be caterers like FIG Catering and City Provisions; venues like Logan Square Kitchen; and even unusual vendors such as Collective Resource, a composting company.  I’ll be there, naturally.  Check out the full list of vendors at the link above.

And don’t expect your standard trade show with rows of look-alike booths.  This should be a very fun and unique event.  Buy your tickets now!

Photos From Fall Literary Wedding

January 23rd, 2012

I have more photos for you, this time from the very fun literary wedding I coordinated in the fall.  These photos are by Paul Grigonis, p+g photography.  Click on the photo to go the full photo page.

A Literary Wedding.  Photo by Paul Grigonis, pplusgphoto.com.

A Literary Wedding. Photo by Paul Grigonis, pplusgphoto.com.

Another Hot Weather Cake Story

January 16th, 2012

Why are there so many stories about wedding cakes?  Is it just because they are so fragile?  Anyhow, I had another fun one this past summer.

The cake should always look this perfect.  Photo by Magical Moments Photography.

The cake should always look this perfect. Photo by Magical Moments Photography.

It was an outdoor wedding reception and the weather wasn’t supposed to be too hot, so I wasn’t worried about the cake.  Normally, I would have asked the baker if she was freezing the cake, but it was a friend of the family and I wasn’t directly in touch with her.  Well, the cake arrived unfrozen, and the day was warmer than predicted.

The other thing you need to know is that I had never met the bride.  The bride and groom live out of town and had returned to the bride’s home town to get married.  Somehow, we never met up.  Whenever they were in town, I was unavailable.  Or they forgot to tell me they were coming.

I was only at the reception, not the ceremony.  So, I’m watching the cake wilt as the ceremony is going on and as the guests start to arrive.  Finally, the bride and groom appeared.  The cake cutting was scheduled for after dinner, several hours later.  I walked up to the bride and said, “Hi, I’m Lisa.  I’m very pleased to finally meet you.  We need to do the cake cutting right after the bridal party introductions, not after dinner.  Is that all right?”

Fortunately, these clients were flexible and agreeable.  We made the change right there.  The cake was cut before it melted or imploded.  The guests never knew the difference.  And a potential disaster was averted.

The moral of the story?  Freeze your wedding cake on a hot day.  Or be prepared to make other plans.  Either way, your cake story will have a happy ending.

New Photos from Summer Wedding

January 9th, 2012

I finally got the photos from the summer country wedding I wrote about in June.  These are the professional photos by Jaime Windon, The Blonde Photographer.  I think she captured some nice images that give a good flavor of the day.  Click on the photo below to go to see more images.

Summer Country Wedding.  Image by theblondephotographer.com.

Summer Country Wedding. Image by theblondephotographer.com.