Wedding Dress Pitfalls

May 22nd, 2011
Buy a dress that fits you well.  Photo by Magical Moments Photography.

Buy a dress that fits you well. Photo by Magical Moments Photography.

I just heard a horror story about a wedding dress from the mother of a bride.

Her daughter found a beautiful dress she loved at a bridal shop.  But the people at the shop had her buy a dress several sizes too large for her.  It was so much too large that they had to clamp it onto her so it wouldn’t fall off.  But they insisted she buy a size 12, instead of her usual size 6, “just in case.”

The dress itself cost around $1,500.  The required alterations cost another $1,000.

I can see a few problems with this scenario.  First, why buy a dress that clearly doesn’t fit?  Second, it’s cruel to play into a bride’s fears about her weight and size.  And third, that’s a lot of extra money to pay for buying a dress the wrong size.

So, beware of the traps in buying a wedding dress.  Don’t feel pressured to buy something just because you’re talking to an “expert.”  Trust your gut.  And buy off the rack, if you can.  There’s nothing magical about bridal dress alterations.  They can be more complicated than your average dress, but a good seamstress with experience should be able to take care of you.

Geek Weddings

May 7th, 2011

I’m a geek at heart, and so I got quite a few chuckles from this blog post:  25 Geeky Weddings (that are just as fantastical as the royal wedding).  They are nothing if not creative.  Check them out.  Maybe you’ll chuckle, too.