Tooting My Own Horn

April 26th, 2010
Together, we plan down to the smallest detail.  Courtesy of

Together, we plan even the smallest detail. Courtesy of

Sometimes it takes someone else’s chance comment to point out how one is different from others.  I had that experience this week when I was chatting with the owner of a very nice event space.  She asked what services I offer my clients, and when I described what I offer for day-of event coordinating, she couldn’t help saying, “That sounds like a lot more than day-of coordination!”

Here’s what I offer besides coordination on the day of a wedding:  one planning meeting at the venue; a two-hour rehearsal; confirmation of all vendors; timeline for the day; floor plans, if needed; vendor referrals; and unlimited phone calls and e-mails.  Also, unlike some others, I am happy to book a year in advance.  What this means is that when you hire me to do day-of coordination of your wedding, you also get a consultant who will work with you through the entire process.  By your wedding day, I am thoroughly familiar with what you want to have happen and I have been able to think it through.  And for all that, I think my prices are quite reasonable, too.

Why do I offer so much for so little?  I like to offer my clients the highest level of service and value for your money.  In order to be fully prepared to coordinate a wedding, it is well worth my time to get to know my clients and get to know what you want and what you expect.  And for a minimal investment of time, I can help you to refine and improve your plans so you can actually have the wedding you want.

Would you like to find out what I can do for you?  Get in touch and I’ll tell you.

It’s Earth Month in Illinois

April 13th, 2010

As you probably know, Earth Day falls in the month of April, as does Arbor Day.  Here in Illinois, Governor Pat Quinn has declared the entire month of April Earth Month.  In his official proclamation (.pdf), he notes that the Illinois constitution “states that each person has the right to a healthful environment.”  (I didn’t know our state constitution says that.  Did you?)  He also states his opinion that “although every day should be Earth Day,” the month of April is a perfect opportunity to raise awareness of environmental concerns.

Natural beauty reminds us to care for it--and ourselves.

Natural beauty reminds us to care for it--and ourselves.

What does this mean for you if you are planning an event?  Well, the proclamation is a symbolic act, but maybe it will act as a reminder.  Do you have a summer wedding or other event coming up?  If so, you are probably in the thick of the planning during the month of April.  Can you make decisions about your event with sustainability and the environment in mind?  You don’t have to make everything perfectly eco-friendly, but perhaps you can make some small steps toward a greener wedding or event.  If you need some tips, take a look at my eco-friendly celebrations page.

Sneak Preview: Lisa’s Lace!

April 5th, 2010

I have another part of my business besides wedding and event planning.  I also make handmade lace wedding accessories.  Lace wedding garters will go on sale very soon.

Pale blue wedding garter with handmade tatted lace

Pale blue wedding garter with handmade tatted lace

Above is a photo of a garter.  The lace is all made by hand (by me, of course).  Tatted lace is made of thousands of knots on very tiny thread.  Each garter contains about 17,000 knots!  The lace is attached to satin ribbon, and the garter has a soft cotton backing.  The garter is entirely constructed by hand.

Here is a close-up:

Close-up of handmade lace garter

Close-up of handmade lace garter

These garters are unique wedding accessories, unlike anything else you will find, anywhere.  If you are interested in these garters, please contact me at Lace<at>LisaGordonEvents<dot>com.  I will have more information available soon, so check back.