What is Your Wedding About?

August 25th, 2008
Looks like a wedding....  Photo by Magical Moments Photography

Looks like a wedding.... Photo by Magical Moments Photography

It might seem obvious to you what your wedding is about: It’s about getting married, right? Ideally, yes, your wedding is about getting married, but weddings are about a lot of other things, often to their detriment. Some people’s weddings are about being rich, or at least feeling and seeming rich for a day. Sometimes a wedding is about being a fairy princess. Or it is about returning favors; or outdoing someone; or having a picture-book, textbook, perfect event; or about impressing the guests. Or about Star Trek. (I’m not kidding.) Sometimes, though, the wedding is about being happy; sharing your happiness; gathering far-flung family and friends; sharing your principles; and having fun.

Your wedding can be about anything you want. I recommend that you make sure it is about you if you are getting married. Everything about a wedding that comes from who you really are will make it memorable, both for your guests and for yourself. Ask yourself, “What is important to me? What is important about the wedding day? Why are we doing this?” When you have answers, follow them to their logical conclusions, and you will add even more meaning to a special day.

Will Eco-Consciousness Make Me Famous?

August 18th, 2008

I was interviewed recently by a reporter from Shore Magazine, a local lifestyle magazine. She is writing an article on eco-friendly holiday entertaining for the December issue of the magazine and wanted decorating tips from a party planner. I am a little surprised that I am, apparently, the only party planner in the Chicago area advertising eco-friendly party and wedding planning. Or that’s what she said. Be that as it may, I gave her some suggestions, which I hope she can use. I won’t give away what I told her, but you can find lots and lots of tips on eco-friendly celebrations on my Eco Friendly page. I’ll post a link to the final story here if the magazine puts the article on their website. Stay tuned….

A Cosmopolitan Wedding

August 10th, 2008
A private moment after the ceremony.  Photo by Carasco Photography.

A private moment after the ceremony. Photo by Carasco Photography.

The wedding that I was privileged to coordinate last night could not have been more different from the one the week before. This one was indoors, downtown, and with a more formal feel to it. It was in the beautiful winter garden atrium of a Loop skyscraper, and everything was planned down to the last elegant detail.

The bride did a great job of choosing her vendors carefully. Many brides could take a lesson from her. I know she interviewed me thoroughly and was certain to check my references, and because she did the same for the DJ, the photographer, the string quartet, the florist, and the venue, they were all stellar professionals who made sure that her wedding and reception were beautiful, flawless, seamless, and enjoyable for all. They were also all nice people who treated her and her guests (and each other) very well. I will definitely recommend these vendors for future events. (See my links page for my recommended vendors.) She even provided child care for the littlest kids during the ceremony, which was a nice touch.

It was a privilege for me to work with this couple and their families. I’m glad to see a nice couple starting off their married life so happily and in such style.

A State Park Wedding

August 4th, 2008
Cutting the cake at the reception

Cutting the cake at the reception. Photo by Magical Moments Photography.

I was the coordinator at a beautiful wedding this past weekend. The wedding was at Starved Rock State Park, about two hours from Chicago. It was two creative, thoughtful, lovely people marrying each other and the whole day reflected their good qualities.

Things I loved about this wedding: friends of the couple were the musicians at the ceremony; the groom had constructed a decorative trellis for use at the ceremony; he was also seen helping to take it apart after the ceremony while waiting to be photographed (!); the couple actually managed to imbue their wedding colors with personal meaning, and they worked that meaning into the ceremony itself; I saw three eagles circling over the river before the ceremony, which I thought was a good augury; the groom removed the garter from the leg of his lovely bride in a way that did not to embarrass anyone, least of all the bride. They threw a great party, but I think what everyone will remember best is how happy they were to be marrying each other.