Re-Run: Time Management for Wedding Planning, Part I

May 8th, 2017
Good planning has good results.  Photo by Johnny Knight.

Good planning has good results. Photo by Johnny Knight.

As you might imagine, I know a thing or two about time management.  I’d like to share some tips with you.  While these are applicable to just about everything in life, they are especially useful when it comes to wedding planning.

It’s tempting to procrastinate on projects until you’re close to the deadline, but that tends to be a bad idea for event planning.  One way to avoid that syndrome is to set yourself mini-deadlines.  For example, you could say that you want to have an officiant hired by a certain date and a florist figured out three weeks later.  And don’t wait until the deadline to start working on the project.  You can save yourself many headaches by working slowly and steadily.  It doesn’t give you an endorphin rush, but it doesn’t give you ulcers, either.

If you’re having trouble setting yourself deadlines, you might want to consider working with a professional who is good at that sort of thing.  It’s not everyone’s best skill, so hiring someone to complement your skill set could be a very smart move.

If you are happy working by yourself, here’s another tip:  I find that the easiest way to make a timeline is to work backwards.  Start with your final deadline (the wedding day!) and work back through everything that needs to be done.  Be realistic–or perhaps pessimistic–about how long it will take to do things.  And if you miss a deadline, it’s important to simply forgive yourself and keep working.

And remember, these are only guidelines, not iron-clad rules, and sometimes the best way to stay on track is to break the rules.  But if you need some guidance, these are a good place to start.